Location & Ambiance

Remise47 is part of Hotel de Hallen, situated in Amsterdam West, just a stone's throw away from the well-known Hallen complex. Housed in a former tram depot, the restaurant embraces the historical details that have been preserved. The tasteful decor and unique design elements create an inviting atmosphere. Enjoy the urban-vintage atmosphere during a lunch or dinner with friends, family or loved ones.

When the weather permits, Remise 47 opens its spacious terrace where you are welcomed to enjoy the afternoon sun. Whether you enjoy a tasty lunch or dinner or you simply look for a place to unwind with a cold refreshment, our terrace offers the ideal setting to soak in the lively energy of Amsterdam.


Remise47 is part of the popular Hallencomplex in Amsterdam-West. This building, once a tram depot where trams were parked after their service, tells its story through the impressive, wide-open doors of the restaurant. These doors reveal the imposing size of the trams that once found their shelter here. When you look up, you can still recognize the steel structure of the former depot. Even on the ground, the old tram tracks bear witness to their historical origin!