Delicious dover sole

Delicious dover sole! 

Check our special menu from the chef

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      Vondel Hotels at work -  We are hiring!

      If you are looking for an inspiring environment, feel comfortable in a classic 18th-century townhouse, yet can easily adjust to a raw and industrial setting, then Vondel Hotels might be looking for you. We are a proud Amsterdam-based collective of unique 4-star hotels. Our guests feel at home in our hotels. We - the dedicated employees of Vondel Hotels - make the difference. Every day we do our outmost to give our guests a unique experience. Are you dynamic, driven and ambitious? Are you brave enough to admit that you want to enjoy yourself at work? Then you will definitely feel at home.

      Vondel Hotels is expanding. If you feel that Vondel Hotels is a potential employer, you might soon be working amidst the vibrancy of a growing organization. Energy is awaiting you in copious amounts: get in touch with us now.

      If you are interested in one of our job openings or if you have any questions, please contact Valerie Westen via or at +31 (0)20 – 51 50 281. 

      * Please note that for the vacancies provided with (*) Dutch is a language requirement.


      Hotel Overtoomse Houthandel

      Hotel Manager*

      Hotel Vondel

      F&B Employee Fulltime - Restaurant JOOST*

      F&B Employee Parttime - Restaurant JOOST

      Independent Cook - Restaurant JOOST 

      Housekeeping Employee Parttime

      Houseman/Runner Parttime

      F&B Trainee - Restaurant JOOST *

      Leerling Gastheer / Gastvrouw *

      Housekeeping Trainee *

      Front Office Trainee *

      Duty Management Trainee *


      Hotel JLno76

      Front Office Employee Parttime *

      Housekeeping Employee Parttime

      Duty Management Trainee*


      Hotel Roemer

      Breakfast Chef Fulltime

      Housekeeping Employee Parttime

      F&B Employee Parttime

      Duty Management Trainee *


      Hotel De Hallen

      F&B Employee Parttime - Restaurant Remise47

      Breakfast & Lunch Cook Parttime - Restaurant Remise47 

      Housekeeping Employee Parttime

      F&B Trainee *


      Hotel De Jonker

      Employee General Services Parttime

      Housekeeping Employee Parttime